Becoming Refined Women of God.


Our vision is for young women to see their value and worth through God's perspective, to live according to Biblical principles, and positively influence their communities, cities, regions, and nations.


Polished Conference Ministries desires to equip young women with the tools necessary to live as polished and refined women.


The Polished Conference was founded in 2014 by Christian Artist, Emma Danzey as a result of her dream to bring together young women and encourage growth, unity, and friendships. Together with partner Debbie Presnell, the conference is reaching young women and moms from various backgrounds, cultures, and communities. Emma says,"During a time of constant changes and standards being lowered by the minute, we need to train up young women to be poised and respectable; this comes from knowing the truth about how God sees us and who He has created us to be!"


We believe the infallible Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16) 

We believe that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so that we could have fellowship with God forever. (John 3:16)

It is only through Jesus that we can have forgiveness of our sins. (Galatians 1:7)

We believe in the Trinity: The Father, Son & the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19)


Hickory Christian Academy was honored to host the first Polished Conference at our school.  The Christ centered focus and Biblical worldview of the conference was conducive to our overall gospel mission within our school, and also helped connect us to the community at large, as we desire to be conduits of the gospel to as many lives as possible in our area.  Emma and her team do a great job of loving young ladies where they are, and addressing the cultural challenges that they face in their day to day lives.  We are thrilled to be a small part of a big movement through the Polished Conference Ministries. 

Tracy Robinson | Headmaster | Hickory Christian Academy | Hickory, NC
With the rise of social media, I believe it has become more and more difficult in recent years to be a young woman after God’s own heart.  For young women, there is no escape from the lies and pressures that are thrown at them through various forms of media.  As a student pastor, I want to see both young men and women become who God has designed them to be.  However, as a male, its harder to  teach specific truths to young women who know that I have never gone through what they are going through.  For this reason, I believe we as student pastors need to form partnerships and platforms for other voices, besides ours, to speak into the lives of our students.  This is why I am so grateful for Polished and their ministry to young women.  Polished addresses the real issues that teenage girls are facing with the truth of scripture and in a way that young women can relate to.  Every student ministry needs a partnership with a ministry like Polished!
Stephen Snyder | Student Pastor | Summit Community Church | Morganton, NC
The Polished Conference is a wonderful partner in ministry. They resourced a Mother-Daughter Retreat for Camp Hebron. I deeply appreciated the way they worked with us to meet our retreat goals and their hearts were 100% to glorify the Lord, no matter how many or few were present. Here is some of the feedback they received from our guests. "Debbie was very helpful in that God's love was apparent in her life. She encouraged me to hear God's voice through His Word, prayer, and listening to the Holy Spirit." And "Emma's voice was absolutely gorgeous. I felt truly caught up in worshipping our awesome God." "The presentations were relevant and effective, their manner was personable and engaging."
Kendra Martin | Adult & Family Program Manager | Camp Hebron | Halifax, PA
You know as a youth pastor that you have a broad audience to reach.  Not only the ages that differ between middle and high school, but the vast differences between young men and women as well. Polished is that sweet connection to the feminine soul that often doesn’t get reached in the big mix of youth ministry.  They zero in on the issues that teen girls deal with and speak the truth of the Gospel into these issues, touching right where teenage girls live.  This ministry comes along side what your youth ministry is already doing and expands and accentuates it’s reach by connecting with girls for the Gospel.  I’m so thankful for the Polished Conference ministry!
Paul Cummings | Student Pastor | Corinth Reformed Church | Hickory, NC


High School Girl
“The Polished Conference was one of my favorite experiences ever! It was a wonderful time of worship, meeting new girls, and learning what it means to be polished by God!” — Sarah

“The Polished Conference was a blast! It was so inspiring to see young women of God pouring into our young ladies of God– passing on a spiritual blessing. Ms. Jackie and Ms. Debbie gave words of encouragement and loving advice in such a fun way and the worship was awesome! This is the place where every parent wants their child to be! Glory to God!” — Kristi

Middle School Girl
“I asked Jesus if He could lead and change me from the inside out into a vertical person who works for Him.”         — Anonymous

Middle School Girl
“I want to let God take over my life and not be a slave to other people in this world, only to God, and gain confidence because I am a beautiful masterpiece of God.” — Anonymous