Partnered with Polished Ministries: Working to restore shattered lives in India for 120 years.


From Disadvantaged to Favored

Our kids get stable living environments and schooling. Many of them learn in English and are taught computer skills, which give them a boost in a competitive job market.


From Poverty to Potential

Our five schools help transport kids toward open doors of opportunity.


From Unwanted to Loved

The Mission serves abandoned and rejected children.

Mukti marries the physical and spiritual as the Savior modeled for us. We rescue those most vulnerable, provide the practicals needed for survival, and then seek to empower them.

Abandoned, hurting, poverty-stricken children are the heartbeat of Mukti’s ministry. We provide shelter, nurture, education and aspiration for a more fulfilling life on earth and opportunity for spiritual empowerment.

Hopeless women—discarded, abused and disgraced—find an open gate at Mukti. Given a safe haven, they receive the necessities of life, counseling, training and education that hopefully will lead to empowerment. The elderly, mentally disturbed, blind and specially needy find a caring home in Mukti as well.

Brief Overview

In 1889 an educated Indian woman, Pandita Ramabai, started a unique outreach to India’s women and children. She developed an evangelical faith mission with Christ-centered ministries that continues today.

Precious children find hope in loving homes. They get clean clothes, nourishing food, loving care, and education while hearing about hope for eternity. Although they may have started their lives in poverty and/or abusive situations, when they come to Mukti they learn that they are valuable and God has a purpose for them.

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