What Others Are Saying

“Polished is that sweet connection to the feminine soul that often doesn’t get reached. They zero in on the issues that women deal with and speak the truth of the Gospel into these issues, touching right where women live. This ministry comes alongside what your ministry is already doing and expands and accentuates it’s reach. I’m so thankful for the Polished Living Ministries!”

- Paul Cummings: Pastor, Corinth Reformed Church -


"Polished Living Ministries is a wonderful partner in ministry.  They resourced a Mother-Daughter Retreat for Camp Hebron. I deeply appreciated the way they worked with us to meet our retreat goals and their hearts were 100% to glorify the Lord, no matter how many or few were present.  Here is some of the feedback they received for our guests. “Debbie was very helpful in that God’s love was apparent in her life.  She encouraged me to hear God’s voice through his Word, prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.”  And “Emma’s voice was absolutely gorgeous. I felt truly caught up in worshipping our awesome God.” “The presentations were relevant and effective, their manner was personable and engaging.”

- Kendra Martin: Program Directer, Camp Hebron -

"With the rise of social media, I believe it has become more and more difficult in recent years to be a woman after God’s own heart. There is no escape from the lies and pressures that are thrown at them through various forms of media. I am so grateful for Polished and their ministry. Polished addresses the real issues with the truth of scripture and in a relatable way."

- Steven Snyder: Youth Pastor, Summit Community Church -  


"Emma and Debbie do a great job of loving young ladies where they are, and addressing the cultural challenges that they face in their day to day lives.  We are thrilled to be a small part of a big movement."

- Tracy Robinson: Headmaster, Hickory Christian Academy -


"One of my favorite experiences ever! It was a wonderful time of worship, meeting new girls, and learning what it means to be polished by God!”

- Teen Girl - 


Ms. Debbie gave words of encouragement and loving advice in such a fun way and the worship was awesome! - Kristi -

“I want to let God take over my life and not be a slave to other people in this world, only to God, and gain confidence because I am a beautiful masterpiece of God.” - Teen Girl -

“I asked Jesus if He could lead and change me from the inside out into a vertical person who works for Him.” - Teen Girl -